where did I go this time?!

Here we are again, me taking time away from the internet and social media… life has taken quite a turn within the last couple of weeks.

BUT I was away for like 3-5 months???

I think this happens to everyone; you’re on a roll with your hobbies, you’ve got a schedule going, you’re feeling motivated. Then you wake up one day and you feel extra tired. You start having a lot of “I’ll do it tomorrow” moments, but you don’t. A day does by, a week, several weeks, and then months. It’s not easy sometimes, I don’t wanna use the D word, but you can tell where this is going. It’s definitely not fun, some days you feel great and the next thing you know you can’t get out of bed. I was asked if I was being lazy at some point…that was hurtful and I choose to stray away from some friends, my family, my boyfriend ya know, etc. I also chose to log out of my socials, for one the things I was seeing on my timeline/newsfeeds was kinda ugly. America has seen some better days…but that’s not what this is going to be about.

I did take advantage of this time to myself and looked for some ways to relieve the stress, the tiredness, sadness and all. I discovered Skyrim: Special Edition, I started painting press on nails, and I entertained myself with drama channels on YouTube. I had a moment of clarity (if you would call it that) and realized I needed my family, friends, and my boyfriend. I needed to be social even though I was feeling extremely introverted. It takes time to get up and out of a funk, but I’m feeling out and better today! 🙂

I’ve developed an obsession Skyrim though, it feels unhealthy (lol), but I always wanna play that game!!! I can’t even tell you what made me want to pop that disc in my PS4 and start playing that game again. I’ve only made two characters so far, a level 66 imperial archer build and a level 50 high elf vampire. Do you play Skyrim? How many characters have you made? What’s your favorite kind of build? I love this game, I wanna have Skyrim friends!! Also, would you want to watch some gameplays? 🙂 Let me know, leave me a comment!

As for the press on nails, I’d like to make an entire post dedicated for that so stay tuned friends! 🙂

The drama channels are entertaining, I definitely don’t glorify the pettiness, but it’s a guilty pleasure. I discovered the drama channels around July, I’m not a 100% sure how I came across them but I just started watching one video and then I ended up in a hole of drama videos lol; between drama channels and beauty gurus it’s crazy! These are my “novelas” since I’ve had to part with Netflix. 😦 It’s not that deep though, my boyfriend gave me his password for VRV. Definitely check it out if you like anime!

Last but not least, I changed my hair! AGAIN! lol So now I’ve gone from black to a mix of emerald, jade, and teal. I’m so happy with it! I think having colored hair is part of the little things that make me, me! I loved my red hair more than anything, and I always bring it back. Just as how when I get bored of it, I always dye it black; and always say these words “I promise I’m going to leave my hair black, I’m tired of dying my hair so much.” I need you all to know I just cannot commit to a hair color. Would you also be interested in a hair color journey? I think that would be fun, I have gone through quite a number of looks. lol

I hope to hop back on my vlog channel soon, I still stay at home being a bum a majority of the time, actually 98% of the time. tehe~ I’ve actually have been thinking of doing some sit down videos, maybe some get ready with me type of thing. I’m not quite sure yet but I hope that’s something that could interest you!

I’m gonna go ahead and get ready for bed now…or maybe play Skyrim, the world will never know…

Until next time!


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