Coffee Talk Tuesday

Hello friends!

Long time no blog post! Truthfully, I’ve been having a bit of a rough time in my personal life (with me, myself, and I), and within my family. I’ve also been experiencing the worst creative block ever! I had lost motivation to come back and start posting again after the holidays, but that is over and done with! I need to get back on it and start blogging again, I do miss it.

Lets talk about whats been going on since I’ve been away from the blogosphere. Well, not everything, but the things that are definitely worth sharing…lol

Few things I’ve started up were bullet journaling, adult coloring (nothing new, I know, but extremely therapeutic) Netflix binging, and my first Get Ready With Me live on Facebook! It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s where I’ve been as of the late.

Bullet journaling has been the most fun thing I’ve been up to lately. I may dedicate an entire post to this topic; but I use mine for small daily journal entries, to do lists, trackers, coloring, and planning my blog posts! Though, I might use a separate journal (or binder) strictly dedicated to my blog and maybe other social media. I feel like I really have my life together when I write in my journal/planner, even if its for a few minutes…hehe! Let me know if you’d like to see what some of my spreads look like! It’s really sloppy and messy, but it is mine and I. Am. Proud.

Netflix is actually ruining my life. I’ve binge watched three shows back to back; Person of Interest, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal. There’s other shows I’ve watched but these were the ones I’ve found the most worthy of discussing. Have you seen these shows? What have you been watching lately? If I have to recommend one to you, it has to be Person of Interest, all the plot twists and tugging of the heart strings, WOW! I was definitely a fan of the show and have watched it twice. I love shows that are thrillers, tv crime, etc. What do you recommend I watch next?!

I also went live for the first time on Facebook to do a late GRWM (get ready with me)! Here‘s the link if you want to see what I am like in my natural habitat, awkward and easily distracted. It was fun so I hope you’ll join me next time I go live, I may have a small giveaway coming up soon!

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