Beauty Creations: Tease Me Palette

Hello friends! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted my Coffee Talk Tuesday post, BUT we’re back better than ever and I’m here to talk about a palette and my thoughts on it. 🙂

So, if you read the excerpt, I really did watch almost a 41 minute long video reviewing this palette! It turned out to be a negative one, and I’m not gonna link it like I’ve linked other videos before…because I truly found the video cringe worthy. We all have our own thoughts and opinions however, and I am not saying anything in reference to the person herself; i just disagree with her thoughts. So out of respect, I’ll refrain from mentioning her name, channel, or any links.

The Beauty Creations Tease Me palette retails for $16USD, I myself purchased the palette through the Hush app (because I love free shipping like everyone else does, hELLO!). I actually heard about this app through some Facebook beauty groups I’m a member of; soon enough I was seeing ads about the palette on my timeline! I only saw photos of the palette, I didn’t really see anyone dropping reviews other than “it’s so beautiful!” “can’t wait to use this” and so on and so forth. I decided to look up some YouTube videos for some actual reviews and makeup looks, and that is when I came across the 40 minute long video! It had warnings in the thumbnail “worst palette” “do not buy” and other things along those lines. I didn’t watch the video to its entirety, I just skimmed through to see swatches and how the beauty youtuber swatched and applied the eyeshadows. However this video actually made me curious and I still felt interested in the palette enough to want to purchase it! $16USD felt like an affordable price to me, so I checked the Hush app until the palette was restocked and finally ordered it.

Truthfully I was really excited, the swatches on the app looked really nice, and even though I felt it wasnt something I felt I really needed since there were some similarities between the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and maybe some of the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette eyeshadows. (Let me know if you want to see some comparisons between the 3 palettes!) The eyeshadow “lust” is probably the one that called the most attention to me! It’s such a beautiful shimmery shadow and I don’t have anything like it in my collection.

The only weird thing that has happened with me using the palette is the way the shadow would ball up? I can’t really describe or explain it, I assumed it was because I was maybe stabbing the eyeshadow with my brushes? However I have never seen any of my other palettes do this, so it’s a little strange…not a total bother though, I still use the palette regardless! There’s a tiny bit of fallout, but I wasn’t having super high hopes because I only paid $16USD and not more than $20USD (we would’ve had some problems then! Just kidding heh). The pigment is there when swatched, but can get lost while blending, so it does need a little TLC, which I never really mind taking my time doing my makeup. Can’t rush ~perfection~ hehe just kidding, I just naturally take long.

I’ve used the palette a total of 5 times, I used it during my first Facebook live, 3 times prior to the live, and then recently again. I can’t say I have used all the shadows, just because I have been using the colors I like the most. I’ll update once I dive into the darker colors!

I think the packaging is cute, I love the color pink and the names they chose for the eyeshadows make me giggle. It doesn’t feel cheap or poorly made, it comes with a mirror, and I find it to be a good sized palette. I’d definitely consider taking it with me if I was traveling.

I think my overall thoughts on the Tease Me palette are, for $16USD the palette is really not that bad at all! I have really grown to love it over the few times I’ve used it, and I love the makeup looks I’ve come up with using Tease Me. It was also the first palette I used from the Beauty Creations brand! I can say I was pleased (see what I did there hehe) with the product. I give it a 7/10, I like the palette, maybe I’ll try some different palettes or other items from Beauty Creations.

What do you think? Do you like the eyeshadows? Do you own this palette, or plan to own it sometime? Who else shops on the Hush app?! I love it so much, so many good deals, expect another few reviews and maybe some hauls. 😉

Until next time!


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