ABH Subculture Madness!

Long time no blog post! I know it has definitely been a while, apologies for my inconsistency… 😦 I am the WORST. However! I’m here today to give my two cents about my Subculture palette. 

Now if you didn’t know, the news about Subculture was actually leaked and Norvina was super upset about it. Then Subculture‘s release date was July 25th, and I knew I needed to get one! I own the Modern Renaissance palette which I will include pictures and swatches of as well, just so you can see them side by side (since they are supposed to be sister palettes).

So, I’m aware this is a late post…but the controversy is very real. A lot of people have given poor reviews on the palette! I didn’t look for reviews, I actually looked up tutorials to ignite a spark for my own creativity when I was ready to dip my brushes in this palette. The first review I watched was actually Jeffree Star‘s, and if you don’t like him, that’s okay. I find his reviews pretty thorough, I like to watch them, but don’t really care for the “Jeffree approved” seal. After I felt a little discouraged, I looked for positive reviews, I wanted to love this palette!!! I was determined to find beauty bloggers who could give me some sort of hope. lol

And yes, I will link all the videos I found the most helpful!

I started with Stephanie Nicole, who gives the most in-depth, break it down, complete reviews. She included a small demo, talks price per shadow, formula, etc. Extremely helpful, it gave me a little knowledge overall on why this palette is different and swatches similar colors to the shadows in the palette. Easily my favorite video on the Subculture palette!

After watching what felt like 20 YouTube videos, I felt like I learned enough to gather my own thoughts and ready to dip into my palette. I used my normal brushes, I primed my eyelids and set them with a powder, I didn’t feel like I needed additional products. What I knew I had to adjust was the pressure I used when blending or packing on the colors, I admit sometimes I go in a little rough when I’m in a hurry to get up and get out. This palette’s formula needs a little tlc when it comes to application, when Norvina came out with this palette, she says they are full pigments that are soft pressed, easy to blend. I believe these things to be true! The eyeshadows are so soft, there’s kickback, yes we all heard about it… but that’s normal as long as you’re not going crazy with the way you dip your brush into the shadows.

I can definitely say that if you’ve never used pressed pigments, you will have a hard time with this palette. Something Stephanie Nicole says throughout her videos is that you shouldn’t have to constantly change up the way that you do your makeup to adjust to using a product. Unless you’re really adamant about wanting to own this palette…then you do you!

I didn’t find myself struggling to use my Subculture palette, I actually decided to play it safe and did a cool toned look and a warm toned look. Unfortunately, I didn’t take decent photos of my eye makeup, but I have some Snapchat selfies! Before I get off track, the reason I was careful with my color palette for my eyes was because; when you mix warm tones and cool tones in the palette, sometimes they all just blend together and look muddy. I wasn’t gonna try to let myself look like a fool, I want to be a makeup artist, I have to know what I’m doing (at least) when it comes to my own makeup. lol

All in all, I love the Subculture palette. I was so excited to order it, receive it, and have it in my own hands. I feel like it’s a fall time palette, but I will most likely wear it year round! I love the blues, greens, and yellows in it. Now that I have dark hair again, I feel like these looks really pop now and make my eyes extra brown and everything. lol

Do I love this palette? YES

Do I recommend this palette? Only if you know how to work with pigments, and are not someone who goes in heavy handed with their makeup application.

Will I repurchase this palette? Once I’ve got some money rolling in, YES.

The colors, the mattes and the duochromes are beautiful! I’m excited to use this palette more, makeup has no rules, do what you want. I can’t wait to post some tutorials! I hope y’all look forward to that too…

For now, that is all. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post, with all the time I have on my hands now, I should be able to come up with a consistent schedule for posting! I should have a life update coming up soon for sure. Keep an eye out for that~

Until next time!



As I had mentioned here are a few links to videos I found helpful! Just click on the name! Samantha Ravndahl, Tina Halada, Kristen Leanne, Atleeeey, Alva Velasco, Belle Jorden, Evelina Forsell, GinsMakeup, JkissaMakeup, easyNeon, RawBeautyKristi, and Alissa Ashley.

6 thoughts on “ABH Subculture Madness!

  1. Did it have a lot of fall out when you dipped your brush in the color? The videos I saw was people saying and showing how much fall out there was and pigment went everywhere. How did you do with that? Whats your opinion on it? xxx


    • I’m not gonna lie, there is fall out. I mentioned the kickback in the shadows when you dip your brush into the shadows! However, I didn’t swirl my brush around or dip repeatedly into the eyeshadow. I think it’s best when you dip into the shadow once and build your intensity as you go! Which isn’t a lot since the shadows are SO pigmented. In my opinion a little goes a long way. 🙂 I love the palette! Pressed pigments are a little tricky but if you have the patience to learn, it’s a piece of cake! I hope this was helpful! xoxo


      • Yes it was, thank you!u don’t have any intentions to but the pallet cause I’m broke and I’m very content with the pallets I have since all I do is wear a bronzer all over my lid si I never do any thing to crazy and the pallets would be useless for me. But it is super nice and has very different colors in it. I love hearing people’s opinions on it sonce there was a lot of controversy about it. But thank you for answering! Have fun with the pallet! xxx

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