Little Late Night Update

It just seems like when life comes at you hard, it is HARD. I left my job recently, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning house in different areas of my life. There’s a lot I’ve felt I have needed to get rid of; whether it was physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.

I just needed to breathe, ya know?

Well, I’ve definitely have been feeling better! Getting rid of old clothes, shoes, makeup, negative energy, like everything. lol I feel like sometimes you need time to yourself, dusting yourself off and getting back on track. Nonetheless, I’m trying to also find a balanced schedule for my posts, If it means getting a planner, setting it on the calendar on my phone, or leaving sticky notes everywhere…lol

I’ve also been taking better care of my skin and teeth. Ya know with face masks and whitening strips, just to be a little “extra.” I’ve made a trip to Lush and picked up some goodies, Cosmetic Warrior and Herbalism; which I feel have been working out for me! I also got my hands on the Metamorphosis bath bomb, and one of the bubble bars, I can’t remember the name of it though…


I also changed my hair color! I am now a jet black shade of brunette. I missed my dark hair, honestly. I was getting too lazy with touching up my roots, it was patchy, I missed spots, my hair as dry and it was just gross. lol Now that my hair is dark again, I think I need to take better care of it to prevent myself from frying my hair off my head.

I also purchased the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette, I am SO excited to talk to you guys about it! Stay tuned for it tomorrow! I need to order new lashes though…gotta go drop some coins, I may be unemployed but I can still try to be a pretty girl. lol

I also went to Warped Tour a week ago! I went with my boyfriend and one of his friends, it was really hot because Texas heat is in fact NOT a joke. Dear Lord, I thought I was gonna pass out in the heat. lol BUT I was fine, we didn’t stay the whole day but I got to see Dance Gavin Dance, Beartooth, I Prevail, Silverstein, Too Close To Touch, Boston Manor, and my fave band Neck Deep! It was a fun day, regardless of the weather. I really wanted it to rain. lol

I’ve been playing a lot of video games and watching conspiracy videos, I haven’t been too productive up until now. lol I’ve been trying to not be a bum, I think I’m on a kick right now, for some motivation! I’ve decided I might start a little Etsy shop for some custom press on nails, I have so many pretty polishes and glitters, I don’t think it hurts to try! I could even make a post about it soon, I just have to stock up on some supplies…shout out to Amazon prime!!!

I don’t think I have mentioned this since I started with my “recent” posts, but I started a vlog channel on YouTube! I am inconsistent as well on there, I’m just being honest. lol But I have been trying to be active on my social media! So if you wanna see how boring I have been lately, check it out and maybe subscribe! 🙂

Just look up diamxndclxuds like it’s spelled here! I only have 3 videos so far, (the 3rd is currently uploading) I may start a new vlog tomorrow if I go run some errands… we shall see though!

Hopefully, I will update you guys soon! I may have a tutorial coming up soon! I’m excited, I’m definitely feeling a lot more motivated to keep up with my blog and vlog channel. Next up, social media…the instagram and the twitter. lol


Until next time!


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