Mini NYX Haul!

I bet you thought I was gonna take forever putting up my next blog post! But I’m committing to my baby blog for real this time!! I gotta get my creative flow going again.

So, I’ve gotten my wisdom teeth pulled out a few days ago, and while I’ve been recovering from this painful procedure… (truly painful guys, so glad I never have to do that again) I spent a lot of time doing some online shopping! It was actually so bad, the bank is so much damage from all these funds. haha oops. However I’m really excited to get all these packages! I got the first one earlier today so I thought I’d hop on to show you what I got!

glitter swatches in violet and teal; vivid brights liners in vivid envy, vivid halo, vivid petal, vivid blossom

I was super excited because I was actually checking emails when I got an email from nyx saying that my faves were back in stock, so I ordered them immediately. And because I ordered them right when I got the email, it was actually a little early in the morning, my order shipped within a few hours!! THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE GUYS!!!! I was really excited, their shipping can be super fast sometimes, other times not so fast…

goodies I can’t wait to get on my face!

Before this gets boring, I’ll go ahead and share what I ordered this time around! I have been dying to get my hands on their vivid liners, in a specific shade. Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Halo. I’m not even quite sure why I was so set on getting a yellow liquid liner…

Wait, I lied, I remember why I needed it. haha! (stay tuned for my #motd posts!)

I finally got my hands on it though! As well as Vivid Envy, Vivid Petal, and Vivid Blossom. I also managed to snatch a couple of glitters, which I was trying so hard to hunt down inside a Ulta, NYX, Target, or Heb store. But *sigh* I couldn’t… I was trying so hard to grab the face and body glitter in the shade Violet, it’s so pretty! It’s got a little bit of holographic specs in it, I guess that’s why I was so drawn to this one glitter. I also grabbed another glitter in the shade Teal. I’m not sure why I picked that one. Honestly, I already have a glitter in a teal shade. I played myself.

NYX face and body glitter in the shade “Violet”

face and body glitter in the shade “Teal”

I actually will just toss that one into my makeup kit though. I’m trying so hard to get back into my freelancing. It’s a struggle to find models to practice on, some people reply and some just give it a good ol’ Facebook like.

Never give up on what you love though, always keep trying!

Let me know if you liked this mini haul, and if you wanna see mini hauls or one big massive haul?? When you know, let me know! I can definitely tell you what you can expect to see next. A LOT of glitter, some pigments, makeup brushes, a new (new to me at least) setting powder, and a new palette! I’m so excited, I cannot wait for my orders to come in so I can share all these things with you. As soon as all these items get to me, I’ll start doing makeup posts with models, occasionally myself too, but I really wanna learn to do makeup on other people. THAT is the goal. Y’all are coming along with me on this ride! I actually have maybe like 5 people lined up for this, hoping to double that within a couple of days. We can save this for another time, I gotta brainstorm my next post.

Hope you enjoyed this one, until next time!


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