Okay But Really Now…

I’m not so sure what it is that I can”t keep up with my blog. It’s making me feel a little sad; not like forgot to water my plants sad, or forgot to pack my favorite snack sad. More so like, I don’t know, maybe…SUPA SAD????

Honestly though, I bought a planner in hopes that it will help me keep up with my posts, I also need to replace my camera. Although, truthfully, my iPhone 7 Plus takes some pretty neat photos! So at least I got something to work with in the meantime!

cute selfie stolen from a snapchat story, this filter is so cute, fave by far actually.

So hi, hello, and how are you? To those barely coming across my blog for the first time! I am a makeup enthusiast and self-proclaimed forgetful blogger. haha! this stinks, but I do promise to attempt getting better at this!!!!!! I’ve been trying out some new things lately, so I’ve got a few posts planned out for the next couple of weeks. I’m starting to get excited about this again. I’m feeling happy, the sad gizelle is out and gonna take a personal day. I’m feeling good about this! I just want to provide quality content on here. Now that I’m getting some balance back into my life, good amount of sleep, and 3 meals/2 snacks a day going on; this is gonna get better. So I’m sorry if I let ya down because I haven’t posted since August. (sad face) IT’S ONLY UP FROM HERE!!!

Let me know what it is that you’re wanting to see happen on this blog! (besides consistent posts because I know 😦 okay.) For example, VLOGGING will start in July! Why July? Why not three months ago? Because I’m doing something fun called “Warped Tour ’17” this year! And truthfully, nothing too exciting has been happening lately in my life, my job is cool, but I don’t think I wanna document any of that, honestly. haha…

I’ve also been trying out some tea detox! Along with some glass tumblers that haven’t agreed with what are purposed for… Also, can’t forget the whole makeup thing either. I’ve had a lovely friend come over and I filmed the (majority of the) makeup application, so I can edit that and link it somewhere here once its ready to be exposed to the internet…

Music and Netflix/Hulu has been my favorite thing lately. I’ve been making a few playlists, let me know if you want links to my Spotify too. Actually, I’ll just update my links as I post, you don’t have to check it out or follow me or anything…but it’ll be cool. If you got some playlists on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc. send me a link! I’m trying to explore the genres, but I always listen to my pop punk-alternative-rock music. I’ll always go back to those genres, I grew up listening to that kind of music…

BUT I will not take anymore of your time with this post! This was a simple lil’ update. Or major update, seeing as to how I’ve left quite a gap between this post and my last post, and even the post before that…

I’ve got some social media linked here, so if you want to be friends and catch me being silly, give me a follow and let me know that you found me because of my blog! Because that would be cool, like on another level. Yay internet friendships!!!

Until next time, which I can promise to make my next post happen soon…haha!


2 thoughts on “Okay But Really Now…

  1. I got the eyeshadow palette from you in the mail today! Thought I would check out your blog! I’d love to hear about makeup or anything beauty.
    Thanks for the note!
    Happy Tuesday.

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